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Statistics of the Common Crawl Corpus 2012


MapReduce code

The job run for creating the raw index is It is a 'map only' job which outputs a single line entry for each website found in the CC corpus.

Each line contains the public suffix, domain, media type, charset, ARC file name and byte size of a specific website, all tab separated.

Build the job jar by running:

$ ant dist

to create dist/lib/Teneo-########.jar.

Run job on AWS

The job was run on 35 subsets of 25,000 ARC files of the 2012 corpus. Results were later merged into fewer files.

A job on a subset was invoked by

elastic-mapreduce  --create --credentials credentials.json \
 --jar s3://[bucket]/Teneo-########.jar \
 --main-class com.spiegler.fastindex.FastIndexer \
 --args "[AccessKey],[SecretKey],/home/hadoop/splits/split_1,s3://[bucket]/output/split_1" \
 --instance-group master --instance-type m1.xlarge --instance-count 1 --bid-price [$$$] \
 --instance-group core   --instance-type m1.xlarge --instance-count 5 --bid-price [$$$] \
 --bootstrap-action s3://elasticmapreduce/bootstrap-actions/install-ganglia \
 --bootstrap-action s3://elasticmapreduce/bootstrap-actions/configurations/latest/memory-intensive \
 --bootstrap-action s3://[bucket]/ \
 --key-pair [YourKey] \
 --log-uri s3n://[bucket] \

where the arguments for the job are the access key, secret key, a file containing the ARC file input list (bootstrapped onto instances) and an output S3 bucket.

The bootstrapping script for copying split files onto the instances

set -e
mkdir -p /home/hadoop/splits/
hadoop fs -copyToLocal s3://[bucket]/splits/* /home/hadoop/splits/

An example for a split, e.g. split_1


Hive code

For the actual aggregation Hive was used. Some examples are provided here.

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