Add 'cantarell-fonts' as a dependency of 'ttf-google-fonts-git' #3

merged 7 commits into from Dec 5, 2013

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I based this pull request on top of my earlier pull request (sebastianst/aur-packages#2), so you can do one of the following:

The first two options should merge all changes between both pull requests. The last option would merge in my various fixes for ttf-google-fonts-git without adding the dependency on cantarell-fonts. I added a dependency on cantarell-fonts to my AUR package ttf-google-fonts-hg about two weeks ago, and FredBezies says it worked well for him, so this change should be fine.

jrstjohn added some commits Dec 4, 2013
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Clean up some parts of the PKGBUILD for ttf-google-fonts-git
Add quotes around makedepends array item
Bump stated pkgver
Sort 'cantarell-fonts' conflict to the top of the conflicts array
Replace tabs with spaces in the conflicts array
Add missing "$1" in post_upgrade() function in font.install
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Improve pkgdesc for ttf-google-fonts-git 08e024b
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Add 'ttf-font' to the provides array for ttf-google-fonts-git bf2189c
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Add missing dependencies for ttf-google-fonts-git
"xorg-mkfontdir" and "xorg-mkfontscale" were missing and are required
for successful completion of the post_install() function in font.install
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Add missing conflicting packages for ttf-google-fonts-git
"adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts" and "adobe-source-code-pro-fonts" are now
packaged in [extra].

Refer to:
@jrstjohn jrstjohn Sort conflicts array and add 1 missing conflict for ttf-google-fonts-git
Sort part of the conflicts array alphabetically
Add missing conflict for 'ttf-google-fonts-hg'
@jrstjohn jrstjohn ttf-google-fonts-git: add 'cantarell-fonts' as a dependency and remove
Cantarell from this package

This change is needed because the cantarell-fonts package (a part of
GNOME) ships a better/improved version of the original Cantarell font,
which Google ships as part of the Google Fonts project.
@sebastianst sebastianst merged commit 94253fd into sebastianst:master Dec 5, 2013
@jrstjohn jrstjohn deleted the unknown repository branch Dec 8, 2013
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