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Some examples of projects using Django and Brunch
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Brunch-Django Examples


This is an integration of the Brunch + Chaplin Todo application found in TodoMVC with a backend using Django and Django REST Framework.

Once installed, the frontend is visible on and the API is browsable on its endpoint

Install Django 1.3.5+ and Django Rest Framework 2.2.5+

In a Python virtual environment:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd todos-example
$ python syncdb
$ python runserver

Install Brunch 1.5

You will need node.js 0.6.10+.

Install CoffeeScript if not done yet:

$ npm install -g coffee-script

Install Brunch:

$ npm install -g brunch

Then in the chaplin-brunch folder, to install dependencies execute:

$ npm install

And build the project with:

$ brunch build

or if you want to continiously rebuild the app:

$ brunch watch


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