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Emacs Kicker

This repository is an emacs settings heavily relying on the new Emacs 24 features and the el-get alternative package manager.

Emacs Rocks and @magnars were also a great source of inspiration.


ln -s $REPO ~/.emacs.d

The idea is to put your personal files into the .gitignore.


The biggest challenge with Emacs configuration is to find a consistent way to organize it. El-get offers a easy way to setup external packages and let you organize all the specific customization of these packages in the ~/.emacs.d/packages.d/ directory within the corresponding init-<package>.el file. For more information, consult el-get documentation.

Other customization are organized as follow:

  • defaults.el for classical general customization
  • visual.el for everything related to frames and visual buffer interaction
  • key-bindings.el for customized key-bindings except for external packages
  • mac.el for Mac OS X specific customization

What's in there?

The developing environment is optimized for Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS.


  • C Shorthand for the ctrl-key
  • M Shorthand for the meta-key (bound to cmd on my mac settings)
  • S Shorthand for the shift-key


  • C-x C-f Open a file. Starts in the current directory
  • C-x f Open a recently visited file
  • C-x o Open a file in the current project (based on .git ++)
  • C-x C-s Save this file
  • C-x C-w Save as ...
  • C-x C-j Jump to this files current directory
  • C-x b Switch to another open file (buffer)
  • C-x C-b List all open files (buffers)

Cut copy and paste

  • C-space Start marking stuff. C-g to cancel.
  • C-w Cut (aka kill)
  • C-k Cut till end of line
  • M-w Copy
  • C-y Paste (aka yank)
  • M-y Cycle last paste through previous kills
  • C-x C-y Choose what to paste from previous kills


  • C-g Quit out of whatever mess you've gotten yourself into
  • M-x Run a command by name
  • C-_ Undo
  • M-_ Redo
  • C-x u Show the undo-tree
  • C-x g Open magit. It's a magical git interface for emacs


  • C-arrow Move past words/paragraphs
  • C-a Go to indentation, then start of line
  • C-e Go to end of line
  • M-g M-g Go to line number
  • C-x C-i Go to symbol
  • C-s Search forward. Press C-s again to go further.
  • C-r Search backward. Press C-r again to go further.

Window management

  • C-x 0 Close this window
  • C-x 1 Close other windows
  • C-x 2 Split window horizontally
  • C-x 3 Split window vertically
  • S-arrow Jump to window to the left/right/up/down

Mode Line

Instead of a long list of Major and Minor modes that are active, I have greek symbols representing those modes.

  • λ Clojure mode
  • τ undo-tree
  • γ yas
  • υ volatile highlights
  • ηζ nREPL minor mode
  • α auto-complete
  • φ paredit
  • π Python mode