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Bidoo's plugins for VCVRack

Version License Language


How to

You can find information on that plugins pack in the wiki. When doing tests it happens that I record a video so you may find some ideas on how to use those modules here.

Last changes

20/11/2018 => 0.6.23

NEW liMonADe additive osc + wavetable synth. On the right side stand the usual controls for the oscillator. On the left side stand commands to manipulate the frames and the wavetable. From top to bottom and left to right :

  • samples per frame (textbox) - frame selector
  • load sample into wavetable - load png into wavetable - load sample into frame
  • morph frames - morph spectrum - morph spectrum phase constant - delete morphing
  • normalize all frames - remove DC offset of all frames - normalize wavetable - normalize frame
  • window wavetable - smooth wavetable - window frame - smooth frame
  • add frame - remove frame
  • number of voices - voices detuning (voices detuning input)

there is one unused input it will be the entry point for sampling.

05/10/2018 => 0.6.19

NEW PeNEqUe additive osc. To scroll horizontally in bins => Shift + mouse. To set a bin to 0 Ctrl + Click. Top chart is magnitude and middle chart is phase.

UPDATE dFUZE has no shimmer param anymore, I was unsatisfied with the pitch shifting part of the plugin.

UPDATE Garçon flagged as VISUAL.

UPDATE EMILE does not use a sin wave table anymore, it is now based on IDFT.

NEW HCTIP pitch shifter, it is a test on fft pitch shifting technique.

23/09/2018 => 0.6.18

NEW zOù MAï sequencer first candidate. 8 patterns x 8 tracks x 64 steps with trim and probability/condition. Global swing per track is not implemented. For tracks and trigs select = left click and activate = right click. I will make a video asap in order to explain.

10/09/2018 => 0.6.17

UPDATE dTrOY and bordL fix quantization issue.

09/09/2018 => 0.6.16

UPDATE lIMbO cutoff frequency max value changed (calibration).

UPDATE dTrOY and bordL phase calculation now based on engine sample rate instead of clock() from ctime. V/Oct can't be synced with gates anymore it is continuous now. Quantization issue has been fixed. New input "Transpose" that comes after quantization (it is rescaled -4/+4 octaves on -10/+10V and sliced per 1/12 Volt). Copy/Paste is available in the UI => exit right click menu. "SHIFTS" allows you to move patterns left and right and pitch up and down.

UPDATE LoURdE threshold and factors displays are now yellow on black background.


The license is a BSD 3-Clause with the addition that any commercial use requires explicit permission of the author. That applies for the source code.

For the image resources (all SVG files), any use requires explicit permission of the author.


If you enjoy those modules you can support the development by making a donation. Here's the link: DONATE