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Submission to NIST lightweight crypto competition
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Submission to NIST lightweight crypto competition

This repository contains:

  • the same files as the official submission
  • additional files such as build scripts

How to build C implementations ?

From Implementations folder, launch the following command:

./all build

This create several executables in the bin folder.

How to run KAT generation ?

From Implementations folder, launch the following command:

./all kat

The following command check consistency between ref and le32 C implementations:

./all kat_check

How to check consistency between C and Python code ?

From drygasconv1_python3 folder, launch the following command:


How to dump intermediate values ?

The python implementation supports a "verbosity" level, this is an integer from 0 to 5.

$ ./drygascon128_hash "" 0

$ ./drygascon128_hash "" 2
Hashing 0 bytes message:
Padded Message:  01000000000000000000000000000000
F/G entry 0 (F with DS): padded=1, domain=2, finalize=1
C[ 0] = 243F6A8885A308D313198A2E03707344243F6A8885A308D313198A2E03707344
C[ 1] = 243F6A8885A308D3
X[ 0] = A4093822299F31D0082EFA98EC4E6C89
    R = 00000000000000000000000000000000
    I = 01000000000000000000000000000000
F/G entry 1 (G):
C[ 0] = 5A6181623A46FA76D9D2B88D7071294CE76EC1D45CACEAC442098C4E488A1544
C[ 1] = F93362EBACB4DCC4
X[ 0] = A4093822299F31D0082EFA98EC4E6C89
    R = 1EDC77386E20A37C721D6E77ADABB9C4
Final state:
C[ 0] = 836EBE0D38DC2CFA8DAC5422568C2448413A8871431D60C43E04300BB55C4B70
C[ 1] = 2B1A3852D5A568AA
X[ 0] = A4093822299F31D0082EFA98EC4E6C89
    R = 830F199F5ED25284A13C1D84B9FC257A
Digest: 1EDC77386E20A37C721D6E77ADABB9C4830F199F5ED25284A13C1D84B9FC257A
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