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added group_user_del to remove a user from a group without touching t…

…he other groups.

This can be done quickly on RedHat/CentOS with the groupmems command : 
sudo("groupmems -d %s -g %s" % (username, groupname))

It does not seem to exist on other distrib (ubuntu) though.
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1 parent 4a45ba7 commit 150c8efda2e763aca60d60da8db2cb7bf15db2e2 @prune998 prune998 committed Apr 13, 2012
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@@ -772,6 +772,14 @@ def group_user_ensure(group, user):
if user not in d["members"]:
group_user_add(group, user)
+def group_user_del(group, user):
+ """remove the given user from the given group."""
+ assert group_check(group), "Group does not exist: %s" % (group)
+ if group_user_check(group, user):
+ group_for_user = run("cat /etc/group | egrep -v '^%s:' | grep '%s' | awk -F':' '{print $1}' | grep -v %s; true" % (group, user, user)).splitlines()
+ if group_for_user:
+ sudo("usermod -G '%s' '%s'" % (",".join(group_for_user), user))
### ssh_<operation> functions
def ssh_keygen(user, keytype="dsa"):

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