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Monitoring - Server monitoring and data-collection daemon

Monitoring is an API with a DSL feel to write monitoring daemons in Python.

Use cases

Monitoring works well for the following tasks:

  • to be notified when incidents happen (email, XMPP, ZeroMQ...)
  • automatic actions to be taken (restart, rm, git pull...)
  • to collect system statistics for further processing e.g. graphs
  • tie into existing/third-party Python code
  • play along nicely with existing deployment/configuration ecosystem (fabric/cuisine)


  • monitoring DSL: declarative programming to define monitoring strategy
  • wide spectrum: from data collection and incident reporting to taking automatic actions
  • Small, easy to read, a single file API
  • Revised BSD License
  • written in Python

Use Cases

  • ensure service availability: test and start/stop when problems
  • collect system statistics/data, log locally and/or remotely
  • alert on system/service health, take actions


` python install ` or

` easy_install monitoring `


Read the presentation on Monitoring (previously named Watchdog).