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It's the source code of the server that provides to iOS CellMonitoring App all information about wireless network topology and cells KPIs.

Quick source descriptions:

  • GenerateLocalizationData is a tool that can generate a network topology based on input files (like OpenCellId but others are supported). Generated topology is stored in SQLite database, it may contains several millions of objects
  • iMonServer is the server that implements the REST API to extract network topology, KPIs... It's started either in an embedded Tomcat or Jetty based on a configuration file. All communications are HTTPs over HTTP/2 Network topology is extracted from SQLite and KPIs are by default generated by a simulator but coud have been retreived from a remote server
  • CommonUtilities is a set of common JAVA classes used by GenerateLocalizationData and iMonServer

The iOS source code for CellMonitoring is located here:

More details on the CellMonitoring features (and a Video):