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Add a sharing button on your website for diaspora* social network
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Simple diaspora* sharing button

The purpose of these scripts is to add a simple sharing button on your website for diaspora* social network. If you want a more complex button, you can use the Advanced Sharer for diaspora*. There are other options available in the diaspora* wiki as well.


Copy the files under php on the public part of your website.


Make a link to selectpod.php file just like this:

<a href="[path_to_directory]/selectpod.php?url=[source_page_url]&title=[source_page_url]&notes=[optional_notes]">diaspora*</a>

The (optionals) parameters of the script are:

  • url: the url of the page to share.
  • title: the title of the page to share.
  • notes: an optional note.

The diaspodlist.php is a script that retrieve diaspora* pods list from the site Diaspora Pod Uptime Status in JSON format.

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