A simple WP-Cli script to quickly install WordPress
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Install WordPress in 3 minutes!

We used to say that WordPress is installed in 5 minutes...
With this script you can easily install WordPress Multisite in 3 minutes

The proof in video!

Alt text

How it's working?

This is a bash script you have to launch from a terminal or an SSH access.
You must have wp-cli installed.
You'll have to answer some question (same as in classical installation ) and then going to drink a coffee.
If all answers are correct, WordPress should be instaled before you finished drinking the coffee!


Feel free to fork and send me PR!


My name is Sébastien SERRE and I'm a French professional WordPress Developper.
I'm often installed WP and think, I can save time by using wp-cli to make some tasks.
Find me on: