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Backend Rails API Server


A web based teleprompter interface allowing a speaker to read scripts on camera or to a live audience.

Using Vanilla Javascript to create an interactive single page application through DOM manipulation, incorporating QuillJS library to invoke a WYSIWYG word processing editor with full CRUD capability. Ruby on Rails API backend used for document saving.

Built at @flatiron-school with @mmcgovern0 and @jmhill91.

Key Technologies, Packages, and Gems

  • Front End

    • Javascript
    • QuillJS
    • HTML, CSS
  • Back End

    • Rails 5 API
    • Postgres database

Core Features

  • User can access and perform full crud on all scripts from the database.
  • A user can create a new script.
  • Each script can be edited in a QuillJS WYSIWYG word processing editor module.
  • Each script can switched to prompt mode.
  • Scrolling currently is set at a fixed speed and is activated by pressing the "Return" key on the computer keyboard.