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# Welcome to Alaveteli!
-[![Build Status](]( [![Dependency Status](](
+This is the OLD LOCATION of Alaveteli. It is [now maintained in the mysociety github account](
-This is an open source project to create a standard, internationalised
-platform for making Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in different
-countries around the world. The software started off life as
-[WhatDoTheyKnow](, a website produced by
-[mySociety]( for making FOI requests in the UK.
-We hope that by joining forces between teams across the world, we can
-all work together on producing the best possible software, and help
-move towards a world where governments approach transparency as the
-norm, rather than the exception.
-Please join our mailing list at
- and introduce yourself.
-Some documentation can be found in the
-[`doc/` folder](
-There's background information and a more documentation on
-[our wiki](, and lots
-of useful information (including a blog) on
-[the project website](
-Looking for the latest stable release? It's on the
-[master branch](
+Please go there for the latest version.

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