Python script to scrape One Account data and convert it to QIF format
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Use Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)'s "One Account"?  Need to access the data through something other than it's stupid web interface?

This is a script to scrape your one account data and convert it to QIF format, so you can actually do useful things with it.  And not have to wrestle with the crappy One Account web interface.

I've not bothered making it nice yet.

Right now, to get started:

 * install pyquery and mechanise

 * Copy to and edit.

 * Copy to and edit.

 * Run ./ to parse dates from settings.DEFAULT_START_DATE to today

   * Subseqently, just running ./ should only download
     subsequent transactions, though there may be some overlap that
     you should merge during QIF import

 * The HTML scraped from the One Account is cached in the current directory

 * Have a look at ./ --help for some options


 * Store historical data in a SQLLite database and ensure subsequent
   scrapes only return new data
 * HTML dumps to go in a temporary location and the software shouldn't
   rely on them