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Game engine made in C
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Glorious Game Engine for divine intellects, written in pure C. screenshot

The important parts

There are 5 important parts that make up for this software, which is:
Zeus (you),
Coelum (the core),
Apollon (the GUI),
Leto (the launcher),
Hermes (the language)

The Core (Coelum)

The foundation, game loop, input management, drivers, etc...

Installing Coelum

To install the core, just run this:

cd coelum
make && sudo make install

Using The Core

Here is the minimal required code to get a game up and running using only the core:

#include <coelum/main.h>
#include <coelum/scene.h>
#include <coelum/theatre.h>
#include <coelum/constants.h>
#include <coelum/scene.h>
#include <coelum/actor.h>

extern theatre_T* THEATRE;

#ifndef GL_RGBA
#define GL_RGBA 0x1908

scene_T* init_scene_main()
    // creating a scene                          tick        draw     (2 dimensions)
    scene_T* s = scene_constructor(init_scene(), (void*) 0, (void*) 0, 2);
    s->bg_r = 154;
    s->bg_g = 55;
    s->bg_g = 200;

    // creating an actor
    actor_T* a = actor_constructor(
        (640 / 2) - 32,
        (480 / 2) - 32,
        (void*) 0, // tick method
        (void*) 0, // draw method
    a->width = 64;
    a->height = 64;
    a->sprite = init_sprite_from_file("cherry.png", GL_RGBA, 1.0f, a->width, a->height); 
    // adding the actor to the scene 
    dynamic_list_append(((state_T*)s)->actors, a);

    return s;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    scene_manager_register_scene(THEATRE->scene_manager, (scene_T*) init_scene_main());

    return coelum_main(argc, argv);

Paste the code into a main.c file, and compile it like this:

gcc main.c -lcoelum -lglfw -lm -ldl -lpthread -lopenal -laudio

(Note, make sure you have a cherry.png file where you run the code).
Then run it:


You should now see something like this: screenshot


This game engine was originally a pong game, the engine was later separated from the game, and the game was separated from the engine.
The pong game can be found here:

Requirements (Debian)

Install these:

apt-get install libglfw3-dev libaudio-dev

pip install --upgrade git+

glad --generator=c --extensions=GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample,GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic --out-path=GL



To check for warnings in the coelum source code, you can run:

make lint

Make sure you have installed clang and clang-tidy before you do this.

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