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C-like scripting language
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A C-like scripting language.

Example program

Here is a small program that iterates and prints the contents of a list:

list fruits = [

int i = 0;

while (i < fruits.length)
    i += 1;

Linking a C program

Hermes can execute functions written in C. To load a function written in C, you can use the dload method, to load a function from a shared object file (.so). Example:

dload("", "httpget");

string response = httpget("")


Here, the httpget function was loaded from the file. Read more about how to write C methods for Hermes here.

Available Data types

Here is a list of implemented data types:

  • list
  • int
  • bool
  • float
  • string
  • object
  • ref

List example

list colors = [

Int example

Everyone knows what an integer is.

int age = 22;

Bool example

Everyone knows what an boolean is.

bool x = 10 > 3;

Float example

Everyone knows what an float is.

float x = 0.5;

String example

Everyone knows what a string is.

string name = "John Doe";

Object example

Objects are sort of what you think they are.

object person = {
    string name = "john";
    int age = 22;


Ref example

Refs are supposed to be used when integrating hermes in some sort of environment and you want to keep track of "references" that the programmer can work with.

ref something;

something.x += 1;


For loops

For loops does not exist, you can acheive the same thing with while loops and we are trying to keep the language simple.


This might not be obvious, but lists can contain any sort of value. Example:

list cool_stuff = [
    "this is a string",
    { string x = "Wow, this is an object"; },
        "a string in a list in a list"

Installing Hermes

To install Hermes on your system, simple run:

make && sudo make install
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