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Quick PoC to demonstrate convenient binding of "fastclick" events to Backbone Views. The fastclicks (or "fast buttons") themselves are a solved problem, so I use the (lovely) Mobile Boilerplate for that.


Binding the MBP.fastButtons "manually" to each applicable element within the View, and using custom jQuery events to combine them seamlessly with the listeners bound to this.el by Backbone.View.delegateEvents(). This "manual work" can of course be "automated", see below.


During View initialization (or whenever you recreate your view elements, such as when you'd re-render a template into this.el), call this.addFastButtons(). To avoid having to repeat yourself, put it to a shared base class for your views. The only thing you have to do, then, to use fastclicks in derived views is:

events: {
    'fastclick button': 'handleFastClick'

handleFastClick: function() {
    // do stuff


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