command line tool to upload and download yenc encoded files to and from imap folders
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i wrote this tool ages ago for educational purposes. the code is a hack, do not use it for something serious, it may break something.

ymap is command line tool written in python to upload and download yenc encoded files to and from imap folders.

what is and why yenc? binary attachments for email messages are usually encoded using base64, which has a big overhead. yenc is an alternative encoding scheme with less overhead, see for more information.



copy the example configuration file ymap.cfg.example to your home directory and rename it to .ymap.cfg. modify the file and put your imap server credentials in there. you can define multiple server profiles if you want. each ini-section specifies a different profile.

to switch to a profile type:

ymap profile default

to yencode and upload a file to your server type:

ymap put example.file

to get a file list type:

ymap list

each file is prepended with a number. to download file number 1 type:

ymap get 1

written by sebastian volland