Increasing to a minimum provisioned throughput value doesn't take into account the current table's throughput #45

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alxmrtn commented Jun 5, 2013

Say for instance I have a table with a write throughput of 2, and in my configuration, that table's minimum write throughput is set to 5. When attempting to increase to that minimum write throughput, amazon will throw an error, because you can only increase table's throughput up to twice the amount of the current throughput. Might I suggest something along the lines of:

return min( get_table_option(table_name, 'min_provisioned_reads'), (current_provisioning * 2) )
return min( get_table_option(table_name, 'min_provisioned_writes'), (current_provisioning * 2) )

When returning a minimum provisioned read or write value so that the table can at least get closer to it's minimum provisioned value.

I suppose this is an edge case, but I'd rather give you the option to ignore it instead of the issue never being heard.

sebdah commented Jun 6, 2013

Hi, @alxmrtn! Thanks for the bug report. I am on a trip to Berlin at the moment. Will have a look at this during the weekend!

@sebdah sebdah was assigned Jun 6, 2013
@sebdah sebdah added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 6, 2013
@sebdah Addressed #45 with a minor fix da7f02a
sebdah commented Jun 6, 2013

I have addressed this in a fix now. The fix has not yet been tested, but it is available in the hotfix/1.3.3 branch. Will release 1.3.3 during the weekend!

sebdah commented Jun 8, 2013

This has now been fixed and shipped with version 1.3.3. Thanks again for the feedback @alxmrtn

@sebdah sebdah closed this Jun 8, 2013
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