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This is a Neovim and Vim plugin for debugging Go applications using Delve. The project works a lot nicer on Neovim with the built-in terminal, so that's what we recommend. But it is decent to work with on Vim if you have Shougo/vimshell.vim installed.

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Feature highlights

  • Go syntax highlighting of debug output (only Neovim)
  • Supports both breakpoints and tracepoints
  • Run the Delve debugger in a split view along side your code
  • Launches a Delve CLI, so all commands are supported in there
  • Leverages the Neovim terminal (only on Neovim)
  • Supports main as well as and non-main packages

animated example


If you are on vim (not neovim), you'll also need the following two packages:


Using vim-plug, add the following to your init.vim if you're on Neovim or .vimrc, if you're on vim:

Plug 'sebdah/vim-delve'

Then reload neovim and run PlugInstall.


Command Comment
DlvAddBreakpoint Add a breakpoint at the current line.
DlvAddTracepoint Add a tracepoint at the current line.
DlvAttach <pid> [flags] Attach dlv to a running process.
DlvClearAll Clear all the breakpoints and tracepoints in the buffer.
DlvCore <bin> <dump> [flags] Debug core dumps using dlv core.
DlvConnect host:port [flags] Connect to a remote Delve server on the given host:port.
DlvDebug [flags] Run dlv debug for the current session. Use this to test main packages.
DlvExec <bin> [flags] Start dlv on a pre-built executable.
DlvRemoveBreakpoint Remove the breakpoint at the current line.
DlvRemoveTracepoint Remove the tracepoint at the current line.
DlvTest [flags] Run dlv test for the current session. Use this to debug non-main packages.
DlvToggleBreakpoint Convenience method to toggle (add or remove) a breakpoint at the current line.
DlvToggleTracepoint Convenience method to toggle (add or remove) a tracepoint at the current line.
DlvVersion Print the dlv version.


Setting Default value Comment
g:delve_backend default Defines the backend to use with Delve. Please refer to the Delve documentation for details on what you should set this value to.
g:delve_breakpoint_sign_highlight WarningMsg Set the color profile for the sign.
g:delve_breakpoint_sign Sets the sign to use to indicate breakpoints in the gutter.
g:delve_cache_path $HOME . "/.cache/" . v:progname . "/vim-delve" The path to where the instructions file for dlv is stored.
g:delve_enable_syntax_highlighting 1 Turn syntax highlighting in the dlv output on or off.
g:delve_new_command vnew Control if dlv should be opened in a vertical (vnew), horizontal (new) or full screen window (enew).
g:delve_tracepoint_sign_highlight WarningMsg Set the color profile for the sign.
g:delve_tracepoint_sign Sets the sign to use to indicate tracepoints in the gutter.

The settings above can be set in your init.vim like this:

let g:delve_backend = "native"

Frequently Asked Questions

Got an error about lldb-server on Mac OS X

If you get a message like the one below on Mac OS X, try setting g:delve_backend to native.

could not launch process: exec: "lldb-server": executa ble file not found in $PATH

Example: let g:delve_backend = "native"

Contributing to vim-delve

Contributions to the project is most welcome. I'd be happy to review and merge pull requests. If you need any directions in your implementation we can always discuss that too.

What can I do to help?

There are many things that this project need, but some examples could be:

  • I don't know if this works on Windows. If you could try it out and or make it work that would be great.
  • I haven't tested the project thoroughly on Vim, if you could do that it'd be wonderful.
  • Answer questions from users
  • Or implement new features


MIT Licensed software.