Generate or append an Atom feed with software update announcements.
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Generate or append an Atom feed with software update announcements.


appcaster.wsf [/source:value] [/path:value] [/overwrite:value] [/maxage:value] [/maxcount:value] /application:value [/author:value] [/description:value] [/history:value] [/location:value] [/arguments:value] [/changes:value] [/info:value] [/mime:value] [/size:value] [/timestamp:value] [/track:value] /version:value [/url:value]


source Location of the input XML feed
path Location of the output XML feed (default: appcaster.xml)
overwrite Erase the existing appcast (default: false)
maxage Prune feed entries older than this many days (default: infinite)
maxcount Maximum number of entries to keep in the feed (default: infinite)
application Name of the software
author Name of the publisher
description Information about the appcast
history URL of the revision history
location URL of the appcast
arguments Command line arguments for the update
changes Summary of the update
info URL of the release notes
mime MIME file type of the update file (default: application/octet-stream)
size Update file size in bytes or detected by file path
timestamp Time stamp of the update release (RFC 3339)
track Update deployment track (default: stable)
version Version of the update
url Download link to the update file


“size” may be a number specifying the file size in bytes, or a string specifying a local file path. If the local file exists, its file size is used.

“source” may be a local file path or an HTTP/HTTPS URL.

“maxage” and “maxcount” affect only appcast entries in the current release track. Appcast entries in other tracks and non-appcast entries in the XML feed are not removed.

Basic Example

appcaster.wsf /application:FooApp /version:1.0.1

Full Example

appcaster.wsf /source: /path:myfeed.xml /overwrite:true /maxage:30 /maxcount:100 /application:FooApp /author:“Bar Inc.” /description:“Latest updates feed” /location: /history: /arguments:—x64 /changes:“Better foos\nFixed bars” /info: /mime:application/x-msi /timestamp:2003-12-13T18:30:02.25+01:00 /size:1369088 /track:beta /version:1.0.1 /url: