Automatic Testing of Curry Programs
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Automatic Testing of Curry Programs

This repository provides the implementations of automatic test tools described in my dissertation On Functional Logic Programming and its Application to Testing. Currently, my dissertation is the only available documentation for these programs but here is a short description of the files in this repository.

BlackCheck.curry implements several functions for black-box testing and combinators to construct properties of possibly nondeterministic operations. This tool is a reimplementation of the ideas previously implemented in EasyCheck extended with different search strategies.

The provided test functions search for test input using the following strategies:

  • blackCheck uses level diagonalisation like diagCheck which allows to tweak certain parameters,

  • quickCheck uses random search like rndCheck which has more parameters for tweaking the search characteristics,

  • smallCheck performs iterative deepening depth-first search, depthCheck enumerates the same tests but not iteratively, and iterCheck is the generalization of both with more parameters.

GlassCheck.curry implements several functions for glass-box testing.

  • quickCheck and rndCheck again implement random testing,

  • smallCheck and depthCheck again search up to certain level either iteratively or not, and

  • sparseCheck is a randomized version of discrCheck. Both perform limited discrepancy search, a variant of level diagonalization.

Glass-box testing is superior for strong preconditions, so I recommend using smallCheck and depthCheck in GlassCheck.curry for testing deterministic functions. If errors are only exposed by big test input or you want to test a nondeterministic operation, I recommend using black-box testing with random search.

The file blackbox.curry contains some examples of black-box testing from my dissertation, some of which use heaps defined in Heap.curry. Some heap properties use lazy predicates implemented in Answer.curry. The type class Arbitrary defined in Arbitrary.curry is used to specify test-case generators for both black-box and glass-box testing. The remaining files SearchStrategies.curry and TreeSearch.curry are used internally to implement glass-box testing.

Because of the Arbitrary class used for specifying test-case generators, these modules require the type-class branch of the Münster Curry Compiler.

Alle Quelltexte von curry-test sind unter der CC BY-SA 4.0 Lizenz veröffentlicht.