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.PHONY all: .coverage .microbench
.testprogs: $(QuickCheck) $(Criterion)
$(QuickCheck): .cabal-build
$(Criterion): .cabal-build
.cabal-build: weighted-regexp.cabal
cabal configure -fQuickCheck -fCriterion
cabal build
touch $@
.coverage: .testprogs quickcheck/hpc_index.html
touch $@
quickcheck/hpc_index.html: quickcheck/quickcheck-re.tix
mkdir -p quickcheck; \
cd quickcheck; \
hpc markup --srcdir=.. quickcheck-re
quickcheck/quickcheck-re.tix: src/quickcheck.lhs
rm -rf $@; \
mkdir -p quickcheck; \
cd quickcheck; $(QuickCheck)
.microbench: .testprogs \
criterion/full.csv criterion/full.png \
criterion/partial.csv criterion/partial.png
touch $@
criterion/%.png: criterion/%.csv
barchart criterion --title="$* matching" $<
criterion/%.csv: src/criterion.lhs
mkdir -p criterion; \
cd criterion; \
$(Criterion) --summary=$*.csv --plot-kde=png $*
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