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A PHP pastebin application using the Zend Framework
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zf-pastebin v0.5
Seb Flippence
GNU General Public License - 2009

zf-pastebin is a PHP pastebin which uses the Zend Framework ( and the GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter (

* PHP 5.2.4 or later (built with sqlite or MySQL adaptors)

* Apache 2.2.14 or later
* PHP 5.2.11 or later (built with sqlite 3.6.19 or MySQL 5.1.40 adaptors)
* MySQL 5.1.40
* Zend Framework 1.9.4
* GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter

* Extract zf-pastebin
* Download the Zend Framework and GeSHi libraries from: and
* In the library folder extract the Zend Framework and GeSHi libraries so it should look like:
* Make sure that the application/data folder is writeable by the web server
* Browse to the zf-pastebin/public folder (tip: with the Zend Framework all other folders except for the public folder should be placed outside of your public web folder e.g. public_html/httpdocs changing the path within the public/index.php to match its private location)

Resetting the sqlite/MySQL database:
$ cd application
$ rm -Rf data/
$ mkdir -p data/db; chmod -R a+rwX data
$ php scripts/load.database.php --withdata # Remove --withdata if you do not need the test data

Using MySQL instead of sqlite
* Open application/configs/application.ini
* Comment out the two sqlite lines
* Uncomment the MySQL details (and adjust to match your MySQL database server)
* Run the setup script on the command line e.g.:
$ php scripts/load.database.php --withdata
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