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Display device for the Megasquirt ECU
C++ Java
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MegaCluster by Sébastien Giroux

Display device for the Megasquirt ECU

Video of the device in action!



  • C++ with the ChipKIT libraries, using rei-vilo library to communicate with the LCD and the Megasquirt class for the most part come from David Irvine. Gauge/Histogram/BarGraph/Main sketch/etc made by me.

Getting started

Right now, the product is pretty basic so a lot of stuff is hard coded to work for my specific setup. To make it work for your setup, you will more then likely have to modify a few things. First, you need to download MPIDE. After that, you have to alter the value of RX_BUFFER_SIZE in HardwareSerial.h in the main chipKIT class because some Megasquirt Firmware send more then the default RX_BUFFER_SIZE value when replying to the "A" serial command. I modified mine as follow:

#define RX_BUFFER_SIZE 512

Latest current Megasquirt 3 firmware send about 403 bytes so this should be enough for a while with new firmware. Eventually, MPIDE should allow a project file in the sketch directory so we won't have to do this. Once this is done, most configuration that you will need to do should be in Megasquirt.h. MS_TABLE_LENGTH is the length in bytes of the "A" reply from Megasquirt for the specific firmware you're using. MS_BAUD_RATE is 9600 for Megasquirt I and 115200 for Megasquirt II and III. USE_BLUETOOTH is set to true if you're using bluetooth (so the device will send proper AT command for pairing and connecting), false if you're using a RS232 to UART adapter. BLUETOOTH_PIN_CODE_1 is the PIN code of the bluetooth adapter on the Megasquirt and BLUETOOTH_MS_ADDRESS_1 is the address of the adapter.

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