This is a force-directed graph viewer.
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This is a force-directed graph viewer with HTML5 canvas and javascript.

Author: Sébastien Boisvert

== Demo ==

== Motivation ==

I implemented this program while waiting for my jobs to complete on the super-computer.

== Graphical interface ==


- Start or stop the time

- Reset the view

- View or hide vertices
- View or  hide edges

- Increase or decrease attraction
- Increase or decrease repulsion

- Toggle the type between 'linear', 'star' and 'random'
- Increase or decrease the number of vertices
- Increase or decrease the degree

- Increase or decrease the vertex radius
- Increase or decrease the edge length

- Add or remove a vertex
- Add or remove a edge

== Algorithms ==

It uses Coulomb's law for repulsion 


Hooke's law for attraction.

== How to create a github page ===

godzilla ] git branch -a
* master

godzilla ] git symbolic-ref "refs/heads/gh-pages" "refs/heads/master"
godzilla ] git branch -a

  gh-pages -> master
* master

godzilla ] git push --mirror