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Provides a Tagfield for ProcessWire CMS Pages.
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Provides a Tag field for ProcessWire CMS pages.


Just clone or put this into a folder and install the module from the module admin page of ProcessWire.

Getting Tags in Templates

Just access this field like any other field of ProcessWire. This field returns an normal PHP Array.


Retrieve tags related to the current page

// Fetch the tag field. Here it's called "Tags'.
$tags = $page->Tags;
foreach($tags as $tag) {
	echo "Tag: " . $tag;

Retrieve alphabetically sorted tags, frequency and related pages

// Retrieve the module
$tags = $this('modules')->get("FieldtypeTags");

// Fetch all tags and their frequency.
foreach($tags->getAllTags("Tags") as $field => $count) {
	echo "<h2>Tag \"{$field}\" (used {$count} times)</h2>";
	echo "<ul>";

	// Fetch all pages for a given tag
	foreach($tags->getPagesByTag($field) as $page) {
		echo "<li><a href=\"{$page->url}\">{$page->title}</a></li>";
	echo "</ul>";


As far as I know, there are currently no single input input fields that output arrays. Maybe you should consider to use the InputfieldTagify I created for this fieldtype.

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