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@Sebi2020 Sebi2020 released this Mar 10, 2019

Release Notes of v1.0.0-rc0


  • String comprehensions with csemver objects
  • incBuild, incPrerelease functions to increment the last portion of the prerelease and build identifiers
  • keys() and values() to retrieve view objects (in Python 2.7 as well as in Python 3) of the semver version parts.


  • Replaced semver dependencies with own implementation
  • Index operator now allows digit-strings or integers for the major, minor and patch key values.
  • csemver.number property now returns a str instead of a dict.
    If you wish to get a tuple or a dict, just do tuple(a) or dict(a) where a is a csemver instance


  • prerelease and build properties. They are now accessible through the index operator: a['build'], a['prerelease']
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@Sebi2020 Sebi2020 released this Feb 11, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

Release Notes of v0.2.1-rc0


  • csemver now supports adding versions csemver.parse("a.b.c") + csemver.parse("d.e.f")
  • parse method added as a shortcut for csemver.csemver(version)
  • prerelease and build fields to set prerelease and build-tag
  • Introduced python2 support (maybe it will be dropped in the future)
  • Added unit tests
  • Added index operator to object, it is now possible to select specific parts with
    with a['major'], a['minor'], a['patch'], a['prerelease'], a['build']. The fields are also writeable.


  • csmver.parse does not had a default value
  • some getters did not return a value


  • incMajor, incMinor, incPatch are now chainable and support additional integer parameter to specify amount
  • Added deprecation warning to setNumber
  • a.number will return an string instead of an dict.
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@Sebi2020 Sebi2020 released this Feb 10, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release

Release of v0.1.0
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