⚡️ Minecraft Forge Mod for faster and easier crafting!
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Crafting Keys - Simple better Crafting!

Minecraft Forge Mod

Crafting Keys is a modification which adds a lot of new key bindings to minecraft to enable crafting simply using the keyboard. There are also speed ups for moving items to furnaces or brewing stands. Basically every vanilla gui is supported. In future, there will hopefully be a API, to use this mod with other guis (e.g. EnderIO), too. Let's see...

Development Progress

The BETA-Version is released! (26.11.2015)

Optional new features:

  • Logic incremental feature
  • API

More Information

Visit the official thread: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2566400-crafting-keys-simple-better-crafting-minecraft


If you like my work, you are welcome to donate! Programming is even more fun with hot pizza or cold coffee. Also, you can support the code directly with pull requests if you have a cool idea. Feedback is nice, too!

Mail-Address: dev@skate702.de

Even more information: http://0xSeb.de