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A docker environement for SmallKeyring

Install developpement version

Warning : This developement installation is not secure. Don't use it for production.

Precondition :

The uid of your user must be 1000.

To check uid of your user :

$ id -u
Dependencies :

On Ubuntu or debian :

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ sudo apt-get install docker docker-compose
$ sudo usermod -aG docker [your user]

Logout and login again

Clone app and build docker environnement
$ git clone
$ cd SmallKering-docker
$ ./
Access webapp

Type in your favorite browser "http://localhost" and login

Developpelent commands

Some shortcut commands are present in "commands" folder of SmallKeyring-docker :

  • Symfony console. For example clear cache using this command :
$ cd commands
$ ./console cache:clear
  • Composer executable. For example update vendor :
$ cd commands
$ ./composer update
  • Rebuild or launch docker containers :
$ cd commands
$ ./rebuild-docker

TODO : Production environement documentation