Adobe Illustrator script to batch rename layers.
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Adobe Illustrator Layer Renamer

This script allows you to batch rename layers in Illustrator.

The script currently only works with string replacement. Regular expressions will eventually be added.


Option 1

Save ai-layer-renamer.jsx in your scripts folder.

  • Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator <version>\Presets\<language>/Scripts
  • OS X: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator <version>/Presets/<language>/Scripts

Option 2

Run it from ExtendScript Toolkit.


  1. Make sure you have coffeescript installed.
  2. Run cake watch from the root of folder.
  3. Run cake build to output .jsx file.


If you experience issues with the script as some people have, check out this issue for an alternative solution by SheepDomination.