Adobe Illustrator script to cleanup sublayers.
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Clean Sublayers.jsx

Adobe Illustrator Sublayer Helper

This script helps cleaning up sublayers in Illustrator.

The script will prepend all sublayers with the parent layers name and remove the unnecessary copy [number] in the sublayers names.

Make sure that the root layer’s subobjects are sublayers by using Release to Layers (Sequence).


Option 1

Save Clean Sublayers.jsx in your scripts folder.

  • Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator <version>\Presets\<language>/Scripts
  • OS X: /Applications/Illustrator <version>/Presets/<language>/Scripts

Option 2

Run it from ExtendScript Toolkit.


  1. Make sure you have coffeescript installed.
  2. Run cake watch from the root of folder.
  3. Run cake build to output .jsx file.