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Version 2.0 of the digital fireworks display
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BetterGUI updates
CameraCalibrationFirewire updates
CameraCalibrationNetwork updates
IPCameraTest updates
LaserInterface updates
LaserTestGUI updates
PixelPyros updates
PixelPyros_Old updates
SharedCode Calibration for Huddersfield
Sounds Initial commit - all project files except bin and add ons
TestMovies Fixed memory leak in Laser Manager
TriggerManagerTest updates
TriggerTest updates
addons show
camera-calibration updates
geometryExample updates
lemur Loads of updates
oldStuff updates
polylineTest updates
soundTest updates
soundTestAU updates
.gitignore Auto restore fix
.gitmodules Changed ilda repo url Update Major refactor of trigger system


Version 2.0 of the digital fireworks display

I'm still figuring out which open source license I should use for this, in the meantime, if you'd like to use any of the code, please drop me a mail at

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