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Bash Script boilerplate

Yet another bash script with option boilerplate offering :

  • Interactive mode
  • Quiet mode
  • CLI options parser supporting -n --name --name=Oxy --name Oxy
  • Bundling of flags. ie. -vf instead of -v -f
  • Helper functions for printing messages such as success and error
  • Automatically remove color escape codes if the script is piped.

Starting a new script

Update options

First of all define, the options you expect the user pass to the script throw interactive mode :

interactive_opts=(foo bar)

Then, update usage text and parameters :

usage() {
  echo -n "$(basename $0) [OPTION]... [FILE]...

Description of this script.

  -f, --foo    foo for script
  -b, --bar    Input bar, it's recommended to insert
               this through the interactive option
  -f, --force       Skip all user interaction
  -i, --interactive Prompt for values
  -q, --quiet       Quiet (no output)
  -v, --verbose     Output more
  -h, --help        Display this help and exit
      --version     Output version information and exit
# Read the options and set stuff
while [[ $1 = -?* ]]; do
  case $1 in
    -h|--help) usage >&2; safe_exit ;;
    --version) out "$(basename $0) $version"; safe_exit ;;
    -f|--foo) shift; foo=$1 ;;
    -b|--bar) shift; bar=$1 ;;
    -v|--verbose) verbose=1 ;;
    -q|--quiet) quiet=1 ;;
    -i|--interactive) interactive=1 ;;
    -f|--force) force=1 ;;
    --endopts) shift; break ;;
    *) die "invalid option: $1" ;;

Edit the main() Functions

# Put your script here
main() {
  echo "Foo : $foo";
  echo "Bar : $bar";


Print functions

  • die() Output message to stderr and exit with error code 1.

  • out() Output message.

  • err() Output message to stderr but continue running.

  • success() Output message as a string. Both success and err will output message with a colorized symbol, as long as the script isn't piped.

  • log() Will only output message if user has activated verbose flag.

  • notify() Delegate the message to either err or success depending on the last return code. Remember this function needs to be called once a return code is available. Eg.

    foobar; notify "foobar copied files"
    notify "foobar copied files" $(foobar)

Misc helpers

  • escape() Escape slashes in a string

  • confirm() Prompt the user to answer Yes or No. This will automatically return true if --force is used. Eg.

    if ! confirm "Delete file"; then