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Arch Linux Archive Tools


archivetools is the project used to run the Arch Linux Archive. It's a turnkey solution to snapshot Arch Linux packages repositories, ISOs images and boostrap tarballs. You can deploy one for your own needs.

The Archive is built by rsync'ing, or its mirrors, each day. Rsync features are used to transfer only the diff of new data from the previous snapshot and files are stored once with use of hardlinks.


Create a pacman package and install it.

cd archivetools
makepkg -i
systemctl enable archive.timer


cd archivetools
export DEBUG=1
export ARCHIVE_CONFIG=archive.conf.test



archivetools sources are available on github.


archivetools is licensied under the term of GPL v2.


archivetools was started by SĂ©bastien Luttringer in August 2013 to replace the former Arch Linux Rollback Machine service.