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1.1.3 - 20190624
* Fixed an error with PHP > 7.2.X where create_function is deprecated, also fixed another error with PHP 7.3.X. Thanks to Turkish for the report.
* Fixed the view button when URL Rewriting is enabled.
* Fixed an error in epubreader with headers. thanks to worstje for the report.
* Added a real logo for COPS. Thanks to horus68 for doing all the work ;).
* Added a proper translation for `_CLEAR_` text. Was reported for many year :(.
* Added Galician translation. Thanks to Sadrarin Highland.
* Added Afrikaan translation. Thanks to PetrusVermaak.
* Updated Spanish, Basque, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish. Thanks to the translators and horus68.
* Upgraded to latest phpmailer 5.2.27 and bootstrap 3.4.1.
1.1.2 - 20180626
* Fixed the download of Kepub with recent firmware from Kobo. Thanks to ospring for the report.
* Fixed the cache headers. Thanks to CgX for the fix.
* Added Bulgarian, Indonesian, Chinese (China and Taywan) translation. Check Transifex for the authors.
* Added an open button to use automatically your prefered reader. Thanks to ttan.
* Updated Hungarian, Ukranian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations. Check Transifex for the authors.
* Updated a lot of documentation and checkconfig.php to better help users.
* Upgraded to latest jQuery 1.12.X, Normalise 7.0, PHP Mailer 5.2.26, Font Awesome Free 5.0.13.
1.1.1 - 20170502
* Fixed the handling of user specific configuration files. Thanks to marioscube, chadberg for the diagnostic / fix and Neil for the PR.
* Changed the cog on the upper right to a magnifying glass icon. Thanks to horus68.
* Added test on travis on PHP 5.4.
* Added a way to specify the secure SMTP port. Thanks to ubupl.
1.1.0 - 20170402
* Upgraded to PHPMailer 5.2.21.
* Merged a huge PR that clean most of COPS source code. Thanks to Markus Birth for his work and his patience.
* Updated German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish translations. Check Transifex for the authors.
* Fixed a bad external dependency in login.html causing problem with HTTPS. Thanks to polytan02.
* Fixed minor gui nitpick.
* Added automatic redirection to the OPDS feed for many new Android apps (see #309). Thanks to horus68.
* Added a configuration item to set the mail subject.
1.0.1 - 20161015
* Fixed some type of custom column showing id instead of text - Thanks to Mike Schwörer.
* Fixed the redirection to the OPDS catalog for Moon+ Reader.
* Fixed the mail character encoding, now in UTF-8.
* Fixed checkconfig.php to avoid sending content before headers. Thanks to Luke Stevenson.
* Fixed server side rendering with custom columns.
* Moved /icons to /images (Apache issues). Thanks to CgX.
1.0.0 - 20160708
* Updated the OPDS icons to better looking ones. Thanks to Horus68.
* Updated the
* Updated Brazillian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian translations.
* Added support of language and country code. This allow to have proper Brazil Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese.
* Added Korean translation. Thanks to Jin, Heonkyu.
* Added Romanian translation. Thanks to mtzro2003.
* Added Greek translation. Thanks to George Litos.
* Added Turkish Translation. Thanks to Yunus Emre Deligöz.
* Added Serbian Translation. Thanks to Dalibor Vinkić.
* Added the transliteration of search text. You can enable it with $config ['cops_normalized_search']. Thanks to George Litos.
* Added Ebookdroid, Chunky and AlReader in the know OPDS clients. Thanks to Mike Ferenduros and Horus68.
* Added some mime types for audio books.
* Added the rewrite rule for IIS.
* Added a now parameter to set the style ($config['cops_style']). Thanks to Pablo Santiago Blum de Aguiar.
* Added a directory cache ($config['cops_thumbnail_cache_directory']) to store the resized thumbnails (should help on slow NAS). Thanks to O2 Graphics.
* Added support of all kind of custom columns (see configuration file). Thanks to Mike Schwörer.
* Fixed COPS so that it's completely embedded (no external resources to download needed anymore).
* Fixed a Reflected XSS vulnerability.
* Fixed the tag filters with Bootstrap. Thanks to Klaus Broelemann.
* Fixed some COPS path errors with reverse proxy. Thanks to Benjamin Kitt.
* Fixed the publication date (wasn't working for date before 1901).
* Fixed the download file name (replace + by %20 to be RFC compliant).
1.0.0RC3 - 20141229
* Fixed server side render with Bootstrap template (a proper unit test was also added).
* Upgraded to latest doT-php, Typeahead 0.10.5, jquery-cookie 1.4.1, JQuery 1.11.1
* Fixed book count with custom columns.
* Updated Catalan, Dutch, French and Russian translations.
* Added AZW3 to the format that can be sent to Kindle (by mail).
* Fixed $config['cops_thumbnail_handling'] with bootstrap template.
* Added Hungarian translation. Thanks to harunibn.
* Added Ukrainian translation. Thanks to Anatoliy Zavalinich
* Added full PHP password check (without any need from specific webserver configuration). Thanks to Mark Bond.
* Added new IOS7 style with default template. Thanks to an anonymous source ;).
* Fixed display of authors names for books with more than one author.
* Added PHP version to checkconfig.php (will help debugging for me).
* Added a configuration item ($config['cops_template']) to change the default template. Thanks to Shin.
* Added a configuration item ($config['cops_language']) to force COPS language. Thanks to Sandy Pleyte.
* Added a trick to have user based configuration, check for more information. Thanks to Sandy Pleyte.
* Changed the default sort order on books by author page to show books in a series before all other books.
1.0.0RC2 - 20140731
* Updated Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian translations.
* Added Polish translation. Thanks to macak_pl.
* Added Haitian Creole translation. Thanks to Ian Macdonald & Jacinta.
* Added Basque translation. Thanks to Turutarena.
* Upgraded to JQuery 1.11.0, Magnific Popup 0.9.9, Normalize 3.0.1, Typeahead 0.10.2
* Fixed search with accentuated characters on Internet Explorer.
* Author can now be searched by sort or by name (Carroll, Lewis or Lewis Carroll will work).
* Added a new bootstrap user interface.
* Added correct mimetype for *.ibooks. Reported by Flowney.
* Added an empty line at the end of .htaccess to make it easier to modify. Reported by Mariosipad.
* Modified the README and checkconfig.php to check for php5-json. Reported by Mariosipad.
* Handled properly the cancelling of a mail. Reported by coach0742.
* Added an ugly hack to try to fix bad rendering with Kindle. Please report if it's better or not.
1.0.0RC1 - 20140404
* Updated English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch translation files. Huge thanks to all to the translators.
* Added Swedish translation. Thanks to Bo Rosén.
* Added Czech translation. Thanks to Zdenek Hadrava.
* Added a lot of refactoring to simplify the code.
* Added a lot of new unit tests.
* Fixed a caching bug causing problems with IE.
* Added an embedded Epub Reader based on Monocle. Thanks to all the beta testers.
* Cleaned up a lot of stuff to prepare for bootstrap template. Note to all CSS hackers, the stylesheets are now in templates/default/styles.
* Fixed the charset of most of the pages. Thanks to edent.
* Added a new category : ratings. Thanks to Michael.
* Fixed the URL rewriting in the OPDS stream, should fix file naming with FBReader. Reported by Rassie.
* Fixed a confusion between author's name and author's sort. Reported by At_Libitum.
* Fixed the style of the tag filters to show that they're clickable. Thanks to cycojesus.
* Replaced | by space in author name.
0.9.0 - 20131231
* Add a lot of unit testing. I hope it will limit the risks of regression.
* Added a "smart / autocomplete" search.
* Updated the way locales are handled. Should be easier to add new languages.
* Fixed display of Cyrillic characters.
* Upgraded doT to version 1.0.1, Magnific-Popup to 0.9.8, Normalize.css to 2.1.3, Jquery-cookie to 1.4.0.
* Fixed OPDS stream validity. Reported by Didier.
* Added a new check in checkconfig.php to detect case problem between the actual path and the path stored in Calibre database. Try checkconfig.php?full=1. Reported by Ruud.
* Fixed the display of the rating stars with Chrome. Thanks to At_Libitum.
* Added a new parameter ($config['cops_titles_split_first_letter']) to avoid splitting the books by first letter. Thanks to At_Libitum.
* Fixed non compliant OPDS search (for Stanza, Moon+ Reader, ...). Reported by At_Libitum.
* Fixed the redirection in case the Calibre database is not found. Reported by At_Libitum
* Changed .htaccess to allow the use of password protected catalogs with Sony's eReader (PRS-TX). Thanks to Ruud for the beta testing.
* Updated Chinese, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian translations. Huge thanks to all the translators.
* Fixed a small problem : If a book had no summary the cover could be cut.
* Fix COPS on Internet Explorer 9. Reported by At_Libitum.
* Added publishers in home categories / search / autocomplete search.
* Added a new configuration item ($config ['cops_ignored_categories']) to ignore some categories (author, tag, publisher, ...) in home screen and searches. It's also available in the "Customize UI" page.
* Updated .htaccess to allow downloading books with a password protected COPS on a Sony PRS-TX. Reported by Ruud.
* Changed the default search to search by categories also (should help with OPDS). Thanks to At_Libitum.
* Fixed the tag filtering in the HTML catalog when two tags starts by the same word. Reported by Tyler.
0.6.2 - 20130913
* Added server side rendering for devices like PRS-TX / Kindle / Cybook. Thanks to all the testers.
* Added a configuration item to tweak how thumbnail are handled.
* Fixed the click on cog on IOS. Thanks to sb domo.
* Added dashboard icons / standalone mode for IOS. Thanks to sb domo.
* Fixed a regression about custom favicon.ico. Thanks to Tyler.
* Fixed another regression about COPS's version in the about box. Reported by Ian.
* Upgraded Magnific Popup to v0.9.5.
* Added a style for IPhone. Thanks to sb domo.
* Added Portuguese translation. Thanks to Pablo Aguiar.
* Fixed rendering on Internet Explorer < 9.0.
0.6.1 - 20130730
* Properly close the lightbox when clicking in a link. Reported by le_.
* Fix the book by languages list when the language is not found in the resources. Reported by le_.
* Fix the string for Portuguese. Reported by le_.
* Add again the series Index in the book list. Reported by fatzgenfatz.
0.6.0 - 20130724
* COPS HTML catalog now use templated client side rendering. You can build your own template if you want. Should be a lot faster.
* Fancybox has been replaced by Magnific Popup, it seems faster.
* Added a way to send book by mail (to send to Kindle or to send to your friends).
* Added expires instruction in .htaccess (won't crash if you haven't enabled mod_expires).
* Upgrade to JQuery 1.10.2.
* Changed the way thumbnails are handled to offer greater visual quality (especially on high pixel density devices : Retina, Nexus, ...).
* Changed all icon by a vectorial font (again better visual quality).
* Added a way to filter books by tags.
* Added a login page (login.html) to allow access to a password protected COPS on a Kobo ereader (that does not support basic auth).
* Fixed cookie expiry date.
* Added a default web.config for IIS installation.
* The eink style doesn't use shadow anymore.
* Fixed the link to the series in book detail.
0.5.0 - 20130605
* Upgrade COPS UI to HTML5 / CSS3 to hopefully make it prettier. Most of the code was contributed by Thomas Severinsen.
* Add the number of books in each databases (when multiple database is enabled).
* Add Norwegian Bokmål strings. Thanks to Rune Mathisen for the pull request.
* Add a split by language of catalog. Thanks to Puiu Ionut for the pull request.
* You can now change the theme and fancybox use on all your devices (You have to enable cookies).
* Add an eink theme. Thanks to Gregory Bodin for the code.
0.4.0 - 20130507
* Add multiple database support. Check the documentation of $config['calibre_directory'] in config-default.php to see how to enable it.
* Include jquery library in COPS's repository to be sure that COPS will work on LAN (without Internet access).
* Prepare the switch to HTML5. Thanks to Thomas Severinsen for most of the code.
* Update the locale strings to be more strict with plurals. Thanks to Tobias Ausländer for the code.
* If Fancybox is not enabled ($config['cops_use_fancyapps'] = "0") then it's not used at all (even in the about box).
* Fix book comments if it contains UTF8 characters. Reported by Alain.
* Link to the book permalink was not working correctly in some cases. Reported by celta.
* Moved some external resources to a resources directory.
* Add chinese translation. Thanks to wogong for the pull request.
0.3.4 - 20130327
* Hopefully fix metadata update. Beware you should remove the directory php-epub-meta if you have one. Thanks to Mario for his time.
* Fix two warnings. Reported by Goner and Mario.
0.3.3 - 20130323
* Fix catalog if book summary contains bad HTML again :(.
* Upgrade to Fancybox 2.4.0 and JQuery 1.9.1.
* Search is now dependant on the page you're in. For now if you're on author page it'll look for author name.
* Update checkconfig to check if the database provided comes from Calibre.
* Update to latest php-epub-meta should fix the metadata update with Epub.
* Fix OPDS catalog with Ibis Reader. It didn't like empty language.
0.3.2 - 20130303
* Add dutch translation. Provided by Northguy.
* Fix an ugly bug introduced in 0.3.1. Reported by mariosipad.
* Small fixes/enhancement to the update metadata tools :
* The book's name is Author - Title.epub
* Add the Calibre uuid so that the book is automatically recognised by Calibre.
* Update the cover
* Fix display of the HTML catalog on Kobo's browser.
* Enable kepub.epub download with cover fix (enable with $config['cops_provide_kepub']).
* Hopefully fix browsing with PRS-T1. Thanks to Northguy.
* Hopefully fix the OPDS catalog when the summary is full of HTML crap.
* Merged 3 patches from Tyler J. Wagner :
* Detect empty publication date set in Calibre to avoid having (0101) as publication year.
* Don't print "Languages" if there are none defined.
* Don't print the tag string if there's no tags.
* If an OPDS client try to access index.php it will be automatically redirected to feed.php.
* Move the search & sort tool box to a new line (also fix a w3c error).
0.3.1 - 20130127
* Add Facets to the OPDS catalog (check config item cops_books_filter).
So far the only OPDS client that support facets are Mantano Reader and Bluefire
* Fix book sort in some list. Patch provided by Tyler J. Wagner.
* Update .htaccess to check if Xsendfile is available. Thanks to Gaspine for the patch.
* Add basic support of custom columns. Check the following config item : cops_calibre_custom_column
* Usage of X-Accel-Redirect / X-Sendfile is not necessary anymore. Warning all Nginx users
who wants to still use X-Accel-Redirect must add
$config['cops_x_accel_redirect'] = "X-Accel-Redirect" in their config_local.php
* Fix COPS on IIS / Windows. Reported by Kevnancy.
* Simplified config_default.php
* Add a new config_local.php.example with the minimal configuration item to change.
0.3.0 - 20130106
* Add a config item to avoid using Fancyapps (pop-ups). Reported by mcister and Northguy.
* Update documentation of .htaccess. Thanks to Stephane.
* Add a config item to specify a custom icon. Based on a patch by Tyler J. Wagner.
* Better handling of content type for book. Reported by Morg.
* Upped the size of thumbnails for OPDS. They look way better with Mantano.
* Add language in OPDS feed (shown in Mantano for example).
* Update metadata on downloaded epub. Disabled by default (check config item cops_update_epub-metadata).
* New Catalan translation provided by David Ciscar Presas.
* Add a permalink to books, that way direct link to books can be shared. Reported by mcister and Tyler J. Wagner.
* Add checkconfig.php that should allow to better detect the configuration problem (page in english only for now).
* Fix some plural strings / some missing title. Reported by David Ciscar Presas.
* Add an hint about the OPDS catalog in the HTML catalog.
0.2.3 - 20121205
* Add a .htaccess to make it easier to use with Apache
* Fix a typo in book download. Reported by jillmess
* Update localization (thanks to Calibre2Opds)
* Add some missing information from Calibre (language, rating for now). Reported by mcister
* Upgrade Fancybox to 2.1.3
0.2.2 - 20121020
* Changed JQuery URL to https (thanks to Dan Greve for the patch)
* Added paging to both OPDS and HTML catalog (use new config item cops_max_item_per_page)
* lots of code refactoring
* Authors are now splitted by first letter, this is the new default. You can go back to the old way with the config item cops_author_split_first_letter (reported by Northguy)
* Fix the link to books starting by special characters (reported by vinpel)
* Upgrade to Fancyapps 2.1.0. I had to adapt the CSS so maybe it'll display better in PRS-T1
* Add an about box on the HTML catalog which show the current version
0.2.1 - 20120916
* Fix one last error (hopefully) in link generation (thanks to gaspine)
* Add Sony PRS-T1 to the list of E-Ink device (thanks to Northguy)
* Fix another HTML special characters problem (thanks to NeilBryant)
* Add an ugly config parameter to allow search in non-compliant OPDS reader (thanks to Don Caruana and David Lee)
0.2.0 - 20120722
* Fix all rewriting rule I forgot to change it in last release
* Fix <hr> in book comment (thanks to jillmess)
* Fix cover zoom in HTML catalog (you can also navigate through cover with keyboard)
* Simplify Fancybox transition for e-Ink devices (for now Kobo and Kindle)
0.1.1 - 20120702
* A lot of bug fixes in HTML catalog
* Fixed the book comment in OPDS (broken in some rare case)
* Fixed handling of HTML reserved characters
* Changed book OPDS id to use an UUID (thanks to ilovejedd for the bug report)
* Add new config item for the default timezone (thanks to gaspine)
* Better handling of missing covers
* Should support every book format supported by Calibre (thanks to Artem)
* URL rewriting is off by default for the HTML catalog
* Add some documentation about URL rewriting (thanks to gaspine and Christophe)
* Tested and ready to use with PHP5.4
0.1.0 - 20120605
* Add localization support (thanks to Calibre2Opds)
* Hopefully fixed an issue with & in comment
* HTML catalog is in the sources with no support (WIP)
0.0.4 - 20120523
* More code refactoring to simplify code.
* Changed OPDS Page id to match Calibre2Opds
* Add icons to author, serie, tags and recent items (there is config item to disable it)
* Fixed author URL
* Added publishing date (works on Mantano)
* Added Tags support
0.0.3 - 20120507
* Fixed many things blocking opensearch from working
* There was a bug introduced in 0.0.2
* The URL can't be relative for Mantano reader, so I added a configuration item.
* I continued the refactoring to bring HTML to COPS
* Thumbnails have bigger size (I'll add a configuration item later)
* Add headers to help caching image and thumbnail to the browser
0.0.2 - 20120411
* Add support for MOBI and PDF
* Major refactoring to prepare something nice for the future ;)
* Add a config item to make use of X-Sendfile instead of X-Accel-Redirect if needed
0.0.1 - 20120302
* First public release