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COPS on Synology

This Howto describes how COPS can be installed on a Synology NAS box

Synology package

A package is available though

You can install the package repository by following this how to or by downloading the package here :

You may have to change your open_base_dir parameter like it's explained afterwards.

If you're using DSM 5 please read the FAQ.

if you're using DSM 6: Install package "Web Station", the settings are there AND give the group http read access to the ebooks shared folder.

Common steps

1) On Synology, enable Web Station

Control Panel -> Web Services -> Web Applications Tab: "Enable Web Station". Checked the following boxes: "Enable PHP Cache" and "Enable PHP safe mode..." [This option does not exist in DSM 6.0.1-7393_1]

2) Change your open_base_dir

I choose to install in a shared folder named "logiciel" and the full path is :


I had to go to Control Panel -> Web Services -> Web Applications and Customise PHP open_base_dir to append :


You'll have to load your Calibre database to your shared folder and set permission to the new 'http' group if your database is not found

3) If needed, edit the file "config_local.php"

$config['calibre_directory'] = '/volume1/logiciel/feedbook/';

If you use at least DSM 4.1 you can also enable URL rewriting :

$config['cops_use_url_rewriting'] = "1";

4) Avoid default 'public' shared folder

Note that the default 'public' shared folder cannot be used for your Calibre database. It seems to create access issues. Avoid it in order to allow COPS to work fine.