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BaseDemo is just a basic template that can be used for creating demos for your development projects. It also works great for GitHub Pages. This is an example of what you could do with this template and some content types.

By Sebastian Nitu

Author URI:
Online Demo:


  1. One of the reasons BaseDemo is great is because it's so simple. You don't even have to include anything else in your document downloads or GitHub Pages besides the demo file! Just include the bootstrap script in the header and BaseDemo will take care of the rest:
<script src="bootstrap.js"></script>

Because of this, you can host all of the files and scripts somewhere on a server. This keeps your demo file light and means that's the only thing you need in your project files. No assets folder with CSS and JS. No images. How nice :)

  1. The design of BaseDemo is completely responsive so it will adjust itself depending on the width of the window it's being displayed on.

  2. I've got some more ideas for BaseDemo that I'll be implementing down the road. But if you have any feature requests, please let me know!


BaesDemo is built and maintained by Sebastian Nitu and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Follow me on Twitter, GitHub and Dribbble.