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A fresh front-end bootstrap framework.
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Currently v1.2.1


BaseWeb is a SCSS front-end development library and framework built to make working on web based projects more enjoyable. It's focused on keeping your projects simple, organized and responsive.

Upcoming Features

The main features being worked on right now are blocks. The following list of blocks are currently on the production list:

  • Modals
  • Tooltips
  • Menus
  • Pagination
  • Tabs


Documentation is currently being worked on and you can view them if you clone or download the repo. There will also be an online version at

Upcoming Features

Upcoming features and updates to BaseWeb documentation:

  • Add some form of change or development log, similar to Cargo Devlog.
  • Add a blog to highlight new features and post tutorials.
  • Incorporate markdown-it node module for use with the devlog, blog and readme.
  • Setup auto deployment for docs to

Build Scripts

BaseWeb uses Node, Jake and Jake-Builds for building both the source and docs. For more information on how to update build scripts using this stack, make sure to checkout Jake-Builds.

Node Packages

Run npm install to install required node modules for build scripts. This is the following node stack used to build BaseWeb assets and documentation files:

Node Modules Versions Description
jake 8.0.12 The JavaScript build tool for Node.js
node-watch 0.3.4 Used in handling the watch task
node-sass 3.4.2 Used for compiling and minifying src and doc CSS from SCSS files
uglify-js 2.4.19 Used to compile and minify our JavaScript files
mustache 2.0.0 Used to build our HTML files for docs, examples and readme
imagemin 3.1.0 Used to optimize our image files

Keep in mind that if you use the imagemin module, Jpegtran should be installed globally. You can install it with Homebrew using: brew install jpeg

Jake Tasks

To see the full list of available Jake tasks for a project, use jake -ls. The following tasks are available for building BaseWeb and related files:

Jake Tasks Description
jake build:scss Compiles and minifies SCSS
jake build:js Compiles and minifies JavaScript
jake build:img Optimizes images
jake build:docs Build documentation
jake build:examples Build examples
jake watch Watch for change to files and rebuild if they change

Copyright and License

BaseWeb and BaseWeb documentation copyright (c) 2016 Sebastian Nitu. BaseWeb is released under the MIT license and BaseWeb documentation is released under Creative Commons.

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