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A :class:`Gtk.IconView` is a widget that displays a collection of icons in a grid view. It supports features such as drag and drop, multiple selections and item reordering.
Similarly to :class:`Gtk.TreeView`, :class:`Gtk.IconView` uses a :class:`Gtk.ListStore` for its model. Instead of using :ref:`cell renderers <cellrenderers>`, :class:`Gtk.IconView` requires that one of the columns in its :class:`Gtk.ListStore` contains :class:`GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf` objects.
:class:`Gtk.IconView` supports numerous selection modes to allow for either selecting multiple icons at a time, restricting selections to just one item or disallowing selecting items completely. To specify a selection mode, the :meth:`Gtk.IconView.set_selection_mode` method is used with one of the :class:`Gtk.SelectionMode` selection modes.
.. image:: ../images/iconview_example.png
.. literalinclude:: ../examples/