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.. note:: :class:`Gtk.Table`
has been deprecated since GTK+ version 3.4 and should not be used in
newly-written code. Use the :ref:`layout-grid` class instead.
Tables allows us to place widgets in a grid similar to :class:`Gtk.Grid`.
The grid's dimensions need to be specified in the :class:`Gtk.Table` constructor.
To place a widget into a box, use :meth:`Gtk.Table.attach`.
:meth:`Gtk.Table.set_row_spacing` and
:meth:`Gtk.Table.set_col_spacing` set the spacing between the rows at the
specified row or column. Note that for columns, the space goes to the right
of the column, and for rows, the space goes below the row.
You can also set a consistent spacing for all rows and/or columns with
:meth:`Gtk.Table.set_row_spacings` and :meth:`Gtk.Table.set_col_spacings`.
Note that with these calls, the last row and last column do not get any spacing.
.. deprecated:: 3.4
It is recommended that you use the :class:`Gtk.Grid` for new code.
.. image:: ../images/layout_table_example.png
.. literalinclude:: ../examples/