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Recommend using sanitycheck instead of bootstrap

It is no longer recommended to use bootstrap and instead install
the missing packages via the distribution's repository.
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commit 2192419924be8e841a1b8e6ea3451ea78cc5bbc7 1 parent 9149d09
Sebastian Pölsterl authored

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  1. +9 2 source/install.txt
11 source/install.txt
@@ -35,9 +35,16 @@ Once you have installed JHBuild successfully, download the latest configuration
35 35 [#]_. Copy files with the suffix `.modules` to JHBuild's module directory and the file
36 36 `sample-tarball.jhbuildrc` to `~/.jhbuildrc`.
37 37
38   -If you have not done it before, download, build and install the build prerequisites by running::
  38 +If you have not done it before, verify that your build environment is setup correctly
  39 +by running::
39 40
40   - $ jhbuild bootstrap
  41 + $ jhbuild sanitycheck
  42 +
  43 +It will print any applications and libraries that are currently missing on your
  44 +system but required for building. You should install those using your distribution's
  45 +package repository. A list of `package names <>`_
  46 +for different distributions is maintained on the GNOME wiki.
  47 +Run the above command again to ensure the required tools are present.
41 48
42 49 Executing the following command will build PyGObject and all its dependencies::
43 50

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