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A docker-compose template for easy development.
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The repository contains a pySpark docker deployment which can be used for fast development.

Docker image

The docker image depends on 4 important elements:

  1. app directory for code input
  2. data directory for data input
  3. spark-events for logs
  4. spark-defaults.conf

The docker-compose.yml file has 2 services which both depend on the spark image:

  1. pyspark service exports port :4040 in order to visualize the job progress. It uses 3 volumes:

    1. app
    2. data
    3. spark-events
  2. history service exports port :18080 in order to visualize finished jobs. It shares spark-events volume with the pyspark service.


Running any Spark jobs require 4 steps:

  1. copying the spark app to the app directory

  2. copying the necessary data to the data directory

  3. adjust spark options inside spark-defaults.config

  4. running the spark app

    Command line:

    docker-compose up
    docker-compose run --service-ports pyspark python /app/

    PyCharm Professional:

    The docker-compose services can be linked with PyCharm Professional in order to run Spark apps from the IDE:

    1. starting the services
      docker-compose up
    2. setting a remote python interpreter using the pyspark service from the docker-compose (
    3. running app/ from the PyCharm project.
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