Keeps state of form entries using HTML5 storage
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dumbFormState - keeps the state of form entries when you leave and come back later or refresh, etc.
features: Able to keep state in multipe forms across pages in a namespaced way so data does not collide
Author: Jason Sebring,, 2/23/2011

Public Domain.
You may use under the terms of the MIT License.

depends on: 
HTML 5 storage capability
Browsers supported: IE 8+ and current version of Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
jQuery 1.5 : tested in this version only, try it out on lower versions if you like
json2.js : Douglas Crockford GitHUB ->

configurable options:
persistPasswords : false, // default is false, recommended to NOT do this
persistLocal : false, // default is false, persists in sessionStorage or to localStorage
skipSelector : null, // takes jQuery selector of items you DO NOT want to persist 
autoPersist : true, // true by default, false will only persist on form submit

instance methods:
$('form').dumbFormState('remove'); // removes all data associated with the forms matching the selector