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Derive urban canopy parameters from CityGML data
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Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.


This program derives urban canopy parameters from CityGML data.


  • Install the Java 11 JDK. Please ensure that JAVA_PATH points to the new installation.

  • Download and install the proj library (tested with version 5.2.0) with Java support. Usually, this requires manual compilation with something like

     CFLAGS=-Iinclude2 ./configure --with-jni=include1


    • include1 = folder in which the header file jni.h resides (usually $JAVA_HOME/include)
    • include2 = folder in which the header file jni_md.h resides (usually $JAVA_HOME/include/linux or whatever)

    For convinience, the corresponding proj Java classes are included in the citygml2ucp source code.

  • Run mvn package inside the citygml2ucp repository to build the jar file.

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