ColdFusion library to convert videos to different formats.
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Video Converter

Video Converter can be used to convert your videos to and from several video formats.


To initialize VideoConverter, you must first have FileMgr (included instantiated).

FileMgr must be initialized using the "init" method, which takes two arguments:

  • UploadPath: The server path to the folder to which files will be uploaded or stored.
  • UploadURL: The URL to the UploadPath

FileMgr itself is the only required argument for VideoConverter. So, assuming that you place the "video_converter" folder in the root of your site, this would be the initialization code:

Application.FileMgr = CreateObject("component","video_converter.FileMgr").init(ExpandPath("/f/"),"/f/");
Application.VideoConverter = CreateObject("component","video_converter.VideoConverter").init(Application.FileMgr);

This would put files in the "/f/" folder of your site, but you could change those arguments to any location you would like.

You can also use the loadVideoConverter UDF that is included in load.cfm. An example of this is included in example.cfm.

Convert Video

Video conversion is done using the "convertVideo" method, which takes the following arguments:

  • VideoFilePath: The absolute file path to the video that needs to be converted.
  • Folder: The folder (within FileMgr's UploadPath) in which to place the resulting file.
  • Extension: The file extension for the resulting file (from which Video Converter will determine the video encoding)

Create Thumbnail

Video Converter can create a thumbnail from a video using the "generateVideoThumb" method, which takes the following arguments:

  • VideoFilePath: The full path to the video from which a thumbnail image will be created.
  • ThumbFolder: The folder in which to place the resulting thumbnail image.

Get Video Information

To get file metadata from a video, use the "getVideoInfo" method with the following arguments:

  • file: The full path to the video.

Video Player HTML

Video Converter can create HTML to play the video(s) universally (using the "Video For Everybody" code) using the getVideoHTML() method, which takes the following arguments:

  • VideoFiles: A list of URLs to the video files that should be played.
  • Width (optional): The width of the video
  • Height (optional): The height of the video
  • Title (default:"video"): A title for the video
  • Controls (default:true): Boolean indicating whether video controls should display
  • AutoPlay (default:true): Boolean indicating whether video the video should play automatically (default subject to change)

Note that the video should ideally be available as all of the following formats:

  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MP4
  • OGV
  • WEBM

All of which Video Converter can convert videos into.

Extra Records.cfc Methods

Video Converter also has extra functionality for use with Records.cfc which will be documented "soon".