A project that maps lists of translations in tinyMCE 3 objects.
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MCE Translator

This projects aims to provide an easy way to put new translations into TinyMCE from a simple tabular format.

It also serves for me to explore some ideas linked to zippers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipper_(data_structure) ).

Forget that, they are actually not the right tool for the job. Simple recursion is better adapted.

To read the CSV input, it uses FSharp.Data. It can be installed using NuGet (See the instructions for MacOS X nuget use).

To install the FSharp.Data package:

mono nuget.exe install FSharp.Data

To build:

fsharpc -r FSharp.Data.1.1.10/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.dll mce_translator.fs

To run, mono will have to find the FSharp.Data dll. As I didn't want to put it in the gac, I just used

export MONO_PATH=$MONO_PATH:~/Documents/Projets/mce_translator/FSharp.Data.1.1.10/lib/net40

to tell it where to find it. So now I can just run

mono mce_translator.exe example_input.csv out