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medea power system models written by Sebastian Wehrle and Johannes Schmidt.

This is the git repository of the power system model medea and its derivatives.

medea is under constant development. For comments and bug reporting please contact Sebastian Wehrle.


as of August 29, 2018:

  • medea/ holds configuration parameters, such as path and iteration parameters
  • medea/execute/ solves the *.gms-models in MEDEA/model/gamsdir/ by iterating according to settings in MEDEA/
  • medea/pass_through/ is used to calibrate the model and define scenarios (i.e. modify parameters) for the paper "District Heating Systems under high Emission Cost: The Role of the Pass-Through from Emission Cost to Electricity Prices". Subsequently, the linear medea model is solved using
  • medea/execute/gamsdir/medea_data.gdx holds the model data required for


medea requires python ≥ 3.6. An easy, yet lightweight way to install python is via miniconda. To install required python packages you can do conda install --yes --file requirements.txt or pip install -r requirements.txt.

In addition, GAMS-python bindings must be installed. For installation, download and install GAMS ≥ 24.8.5 and follow these instructions.

To allow for maximum freedom of choice, calls to GAMS are low-level implementations, avoiding GAMS-python routines that require specific GAMS versions or licenses.


For medea to work properly, the variables folder and gams_sysdir in must point to the correct locations, i.e. folder must point to the local medea repository (e.g. D:\git_repos\medea) and gams_sysdir must point to the local GAMS installation (e.g. C:\GAMS\win64\25.1)