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The Solidity Safe Subset

This repository is forked from the Solidity Compiler.

The purpose is to provide a safe subset of the Solidity language.

The compiler solc now works in two steps:

  1. the first step invokes solc-safe-subset which will fail on language features not allowed by the safe subset, and make source-level transformation if needed;
  2. the second step invokes solc-release (a release version of solc from ethereum/solidity repo) to actually compile the source file

This is to make sure that the compilation result is 100% compatible with the result from a stock solc compiler. solc-safe-subset only does screening and transformation of the source code.


The build process also includes a build of the release version of solc as solc-release.

The whole build process could be triggered by

$ cd <repo-root>
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make solc-safe-subset

The resulting binaries would be

<repo-root>/build/solc/solc             // the two-stage compiler
<repo-root>/build/solc/solc-safe-subset // the safe subsect checker
<repo-root>/build/solc/solc-release     // the stock solc


The basic command line is the same as solc, but additional compiler errors are generated for Solidity language features that are not within the safe subset.

The binary solc-safe-subset also provides an additional option --transform for performing source-level transformation. The currently supported transformations including:

  • changing overflowing +, -, and * to SafeMath calls
  • changing array.pop() to array.length > 0 ? delete array[array.length--] : ()
  • changing array for-each loop for(var x : arr) {...} to for(uint x = 0; x < arr.length; x++) {...}/x/arr[x]/


Source code modifications from SECBIT are enclosed in #ifdef SECBIT directives.


SECBIT Labs retains copyright to all above mentioned source code modifications. And the modifications are licensed under the same license as Solidity.