.Net Core solution template using the cake build system.
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A .Net Core solution template using the Cake build system. It provides an initial console project and a corresponding XUnit test project. Furthermore it adds cake build scripts for Windows and Linux.

NuGet NuGet

Template layout

This template creates the following structure on your disk, where CakeApp is replaced by the name of your solution.

|-> CakeApp.sln
|-> src
|   |-> CakeApp.Console
|   |   |-> CakeApp.Console.csproj
|   |   |-> Program.cs
|   |   |-> appsettings.json
|-> test
|   |-> CakeApp.Console_Test
|   |   |-> CakeApp.Console_Test.csproj
|   |   |-> UnitTest1.cs
|-> .gitignore
|-> build.cake
|-> Dockerfile
|-> Readme.md


Since Cake 0.30.0 the script runner is available as a .Net Core Global Tool. This make the bootstrap scripts build.ps1 and build.sh obsolete.

  • Make sure you have at least the .Net Core SDK version 2.1.400 installed
  • Install the Cake global tool with: dotnet tool install -g Cake.Tool --version 0.30.0

Installation of Template

On Windows PowerShell or Linux Shell:

dotnet new -i CakeApp

To uninstall the template run:

dotnet new -u CakeApp


This section will shortly describe how to use the template.

Create a new solution

To create a new solution based on the template use

dotnet new cake -o [your solution name]

This will create a corresponding Visual Studio solution with the structure described above on your disk. You can now proceed to write your code in the given projects or at more projects if you need so.

Build the solution

To build the solution the Cake build system is used. This template comes with a pre-defined Cake build script build.cake with some default build targets. Of course feel free to alter the script if it doesn't fit all your needs.

To run a build on the PowerShell or Bash type: dotnet cake --target=[target name] or just dotnet cake to run the default target test.

Build Target Description Depends on
PrepareDirectories Ensures that all needed directories for the build are available in your solution directory. -
Clean Cleans your last Cake build and deletes all build artifacts. PrepareDirectories
Restore Restores all NuGet packages in your projects. It will try it up to five times, since sometimes the restore does not work on the first try. -
Build Builds your whole solution with the Release configuration. Restore
Test Runs all Unit test projects in the test folder which project names are ending with Test. Other projects are ignored. The test results *.trx files are put into the testResults folder. Clean, Build
Pack Packages all projects from the src folder into corresponding NuGet packages. The packages are placed in the artifacts folder. Clean, Test
Publish Publishes all projects from src to the artifacts folder. You can use the published projects to run them every where else. Clean, Test
Build-Container Builds a Docker container with the main application and tags the container based on the "Version" tag in the *.csproj file and a given build number (default 0). Futhermore the container gets a "latest" tag. publish
Push-Container Pushes the two container tags (version and latest) into a Docker registry which you have to specify with -dockerRegistry="yourregistry" Build-Container
Default The same as Test. If no target is given, this one is used. Clean, Build

Build the project

To build a usable NuGet package from the template source run: dotnet cake --target=Pack from a Windows machine. You find the built Nuget package under artifacts.


Release notes can be found here: Release-Notes